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Unfortunately, the complexity of the legal system often does not ease the disruption. Our primary goal is providing immediate response to your needs. We focus on you, the client as an individual, your problem, and then the legal issue that you face. This approach helps make the road to recovery easier.

In our view, the attorney-client relationship means a dedicated commitment to your best interest with loyalty, integrity, sincerity and professional service. The relationship is more than a financial arrangement. It is a genuine symbiotic connection that makes us a lawyer, counselor and friend.

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Ferrone and Ferrone is dedicated to serving you with the respect and commitment you deserve.


Workers Compensation

The firm aggressively represents public safety members through a complex system to ensure you receive the work comp benefits you deserve. FF navigates through all stages, from receiving medical care to settlement. We’ve worked hard to pioneer changes to the work comp system by successfully launching Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs that have reduced the time lag in getting medical care and expediting the resolution of disputed issues. The ADR program for work comp is changing the work comp industry for public safety.

Internal Affairs Investigations & Critical Incidents

We provide comprehensive representation for public safety members as they navigate the difficulties in the internal affairs investigations, aggressively defending members to achieve optimal results. The firm handles a range of matters, including Peace Officer and Firefighter Bill of Rights violations as well as Officer Involved Shootings. We have an immediate response coupled with a tailored approach to these investigations and critical incidents.

Labor & Contract Negotiations

We assist police officer organizations and firefighter associations in negotiating labor contracts and enforcing the contract terms through the grievance and arbitration process. For over thirty years, FF has been handling negotiation intricacies under the Meyer-Milias- Brown Act and has successfully negotiated dozens of labor contracts. The firm also has successfully pursued civil litigation cases to enforce the terms of the contract.

Civil Litigation

FF has successfully filed civil litigation cases on behalf of members and associations covering discrimination, retaliation, FLSA, and privacy rights. The firm aggressively pursues additional remedies for officers and firefighters in the civil litigation arena. We further handle personal injury litigation when the officer of firefighter is involved in a traffic collision while on duty.

Criminal Defense

On occasion, the internal affairs process may lead to a criminal investigation and formal charges. We stand ready to defend members when circumstances lead to criminal prosecution. Utilizing a wealth of experience in both state and federal criminal defense, FF has successfully defended public safety officers in these cases.

Disability Retirement

The disability retirement processes under PERS and County 1937 Act can present unique complications to public safety officers. FF can assist the members to maximize and protect the benefits the officers have spent a career building. FF provides representation for Industrial disability disputes, benefits calculation issues, and assists in navigating through issues that may arise as the member move towards retirement.